Thursday, January 30, 2014

Glam Dreams Andanza

This sexy sophisticated dress at Glam Dreams.. its called Andanza.. as you see you can wear it with or without the fur. The Andanza’s mark the transition from the Winter to the Spring collections.
So this is a transitional collection. This is why it has a tiny fur accessory on its shoulders and short gloves, but is open along its side, also comes with this sexy net hat, what a great dress to wear to an outing or special function. I added some Zuri Rayna jewels and [AHN-JI] “SHAORI” BLACK pumps. Go on over to Glam Dreams also check out her sale wall.. you can get some great clothes for less.
Glam Dreams  Andanza Veil Hat Black
Glam Dreams ” Andanza ” Cocktail L
Glam Dreams Andanza Black Flower
Glam Dreams Andanza Cocktail – Glove Cuff ( L )
Glam Dreams Andanza Cocktail-  Glove Cuff ( R )
Glam Dreams Andanza Gloves
Glam Dreams Andanza Left and right arm fur
Glam Dreams Andanza torso fur
Kyxe Latte Tone – Left Mole Tattoo
:Exile:: Josie:Marone
Zuri Rayna~Forever Diamond/14KGold Bracelet
Zuri Rayna~Forever Diamond/14KGold Earring (L)
Zuri Rayna~Forever Diamond/14KGold Earring (R)
Zuri Rayna~Forever Diamond/14KGold Necklace
Kyxe Shape Lakshmi
Kyxe Latte Tone Black Eyebrows Eyeshadows Red lips
Eyebrows Kavita
IKON Lucid Eyes – Leather (S)

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